Modern Day Timex Ironman Watches - An Overview of the Ironman Watch Product Line

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The Timex Ironman Watch premiered in 1986 and is now the best-selling sports watch ever. In the ancient 8-lap watches, the watch line has developed with Timex's numerous innovations added to it is fundamental sports watch. Now there are a huge array of Ironman watches which appeal to athletes of all levels. Timex have recently upgraded their site and have arranged their Ironman timepieces into different categories. Here's a concise overview of the many Timex Ironman Watches sets.

Classic/Core Ironman Watches

These watches are made such as the first using the exact same number of features. Each watch comes with an 100 hour chrono using a 99 lap counter, eight rebounds of memory, is water resistant to 100 meters and contains the signature "top-pusher" for simple lap and split tape. An perfect entry level view.

30 Lap Classic Watches

All these Iconic Timex Ironman watches have 30 laps memory recall as well as the functions which make Ironman this essential tool for endurance athletes of all levels, such as 100 hour chronograph with 99 lap counter, 24 hour countdown timer and 30 lap memory recall.

30 Lap Women's Watches

This collection was redesigned with female athletes at your mind. These watches feature softer more feminine colours and layout and are a more comfortable fit on a woman's wrist. These girls watches supply all the vital features for comfortable sporting performance during the day.

50 Lap Watches

These watches feature a brand new innovative design and striking appearance, together with the traditional attributes of this Ironman watch and brand new features such as a training log which stores date-ordered work outs.

100 Lap Watches

These watches feature among the greatest displays in the Timex Ironman watch collection. With sufficient laps to meet runners, a training log which stores date arranged workouts along with a massive variety of period timers, the 100 Lap Ironman watches provide excellent value for money due to their cost. A fantastic runner's watch.

Timex Sleek Watches

The Timex Sleek range includes traditional Ironman attributes (plus a few new ones) in an appealing, aerodynamic watch instance which oozes comfort and fashion. The glossy watches all have arranged session coaching logs and interval timers, which makes them excellent watches for runners.

50 Lap Watches

The 50 lap glossy watches come in designs for both women and men, in many different color schemes. The men's watch includes a bigger digital watch display, with bigger front-pusher. The two feature four side switches. These contemporary looking sports watches may look great in almost any function.

75 Lap Watches

Even the 75 lap sleek Ironman watches feature the adventurous and advanced Optimal Viewing Angle (O.V.A.) that places the eye face on the narrow region of the wrist, which makes it simpler and more natural to observe the watch while competing or training.

The contemporary, high-tech appearing Hi-Ti+ watches comprise pre-assembled titanium instances, in a exceptional titanium case.

150 Lap Watches

For greatest laps and athletic performance in an appealing, aerodynamic design, the 150 lap Ironman sleek leaves a fantastic choice for athletes who would like to optimize sports watch characteristics and optimize picture.

iControl iPod Controller Watches

The iControl slick watch has the power to control a iPod music player, letting you hands control on your beloved inspirational motif monitors while on the go. The watch includes a training log in keeping track of sessions, 50 lap memory, memory and much more.

Health and Fitness Sports Watches

All these are Timex's more complex watches. The watches within this variety combine traditional Ironman attributes with advanced sports watch features like heart rate monitors, GPS monitoring and pedometer measure track.

Heart Rate Monitors

All these Ironman's are professional heart rate monitor watches, combining the advantages of features like target zones, real time heartbeat display and recovery heart rate with conventional Ironman sports attributes.

Bodylink Sports Watches

The Timex Bodylink watches unite heart rate monitoring features with GPS rate, distance and elevation monitoring. The Bodylink watches would be the pinnacle of all Timex sports watches concerning advanced features and may even be mounted making them feasible for triathletes and cyclists in addition to runners.

Fitness Tracker Watches

Ironman workout watches correctly monitor calories and measures taken a day. Together with training log, the Fitness Tracker watches would be your complete exercise management package.

As you could always rely upon Timex Ironman watches to include the most famed sports features which have made the sport watch so powerful, the absolute number within the watch array, means that there'll always be a more Timex sports watch which will suit you separately. Find out more info click Baume and Mercier watches